Witching Hour Intention Oil

I created this special oil to help boost your spell work with combining several herbs from all different types of intentions together. For example, this oil contains Sandalwood and Mugwort, to help assist with Divination and Clairvoyance. Dragons Blood and Black Salt to help with Protection magick, Roses and Cinnamon to assist with love magick, etc. Its packed full of herbs, essential oils, resins and crystals to help with nearly every type of magick.

Here are some examples of how to use your Witches Intention Oil:
~Use separately or in conjunction with another Oil to help add extra intent and boost your spell
~Place a drop or two and anoint your candles
~Use on your altar tools, your crystal ball, scrying mirror, Runes, Tarot Cards, even your crystals
~Anoint a page in your Grimoire or Book of Shadows to seal the spell
~Place a few drops around your home~On your door frame, window seals, etc. for Protection

Each bottle is 1 oz Boston Dropper Bottle.

Please email me if you have any questions!

Love and light~
Marie and little Anita

Witching Hour Intention Oil