Witches Magickal Floor Wash Floor Washes have been used for spiritual purposes since ancient times. Floor Washes can be made to carry an intention the witch chooses. For this wash I have chosen cleansing, purifying and protective properties. Each 4 oz bottle contains Clear Quartz points, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline and Rose Quartz chips to infuse your wash with cleansing, love and protective properties of the crystals along with essential oils of Sage, Lavender, Frankincense and Florida Water. According to Sarah Ann Lawless, "Cleaning house wasn’t always just physical – in pre-Christian times cleaning was also thought to be magical as it removed evil spirits that could cause bad luck or illness. Today magical floor washes are a common part of spiritual cleansing and are found in modern Hoodoo/Rootwork and folk magic as a regular practice. It is best to spiritually cleanse your home once a month by washing the floors and walls with a magical solution of herbs and a small amount of floor wash can also be added to your regular cleaning products for every time you clean. The best times to use a Floor Wash are during the full or new moon and before and after intense sabbat and esbat rituals." Instructions and Disclaimer, please read: ~SHAKE WELL before use as the oils will want to separate! ~It is very strong, only a little bit is needed. I recommend 1 teaspoon added to your mop and bucket along with your normal cleaner. ~I also recommend doing a test patch on your floors to make sure your floor doesn't have an adverse reaction. I use this on my hardwoods and stone floor without any problems but every home and products are different. ~Essentials oils are extremely powerful. You must use with respect and caution and do not exceed the recommended dosage as you don't want to damage your surfaces. ~Do not consume the floor wash~yuk! ~Anita Apothecary is not responsible for the misuse of this product, sold as a curio only as required by law and Etsy. Listing is for a large 4 oz bottle that should last you a while. Remember, just a teaspoon is all you need!

Witches Magickal Floor Wash