A collection of magickal floral herbs~each symbolizing the natural elements~Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Rose, Jasmine, Lavender and Calendula come in this collection~each jar has the correspondences printed for easy reference when doing your spellwork. These herbs are all organic and can be used in tea brews, altar offerings, making your own natural products, burning as incense, etc. Each reusable glass jar contains 4 oz of flowers Jasmine (Earth) Gender: feminine, Planet: Mercury, Moon, Element: earth, water. Goddesses: Diana, Rhiannon Powers: astral realm, balance, dream work, harmony, healing, inspiration, purification Rose (Water) Gender: feminine, Planet: Venus Element: water, Goddesses: Aphrodite, Demeter, Freya Powers: Beauty, Desire, Manifestation, Peace, Grief, Self-work, Purity, Unity Lavender (Air) Gender: masculine, Planet: Mercury Element: air, Goddesses: Hecate, Vesta Powers: Awareness, Balance, Clarity, Creativity, Divination, Emotions, Intuition, Negativity, Psychic Ability Calendula (Fire) Gender: masculine, Planet: Sun Element: fire, God: Sol Invictus (unconquered sun) Powers: Dreams, Healing, Prophetic Dreams, Protection, Psychic Powers, Respect, Sun Magick, Wishes Please convo me if you have any questions~ Blessings~ Marie and little Anita

Witches Floral Elements Collection