The Witches Bookclub Box by Anita Apothecary


Please read entire description below before purchasing! 


I have been dreaming for some time of merging a few of my favorite things together, books, candles, tea and witchcraft, in a box that invokes inspires, focuses and connects with readers. Chosen based on a theme, I have coordinated the book with your ritual candle and altar tools. 


In this box you will recieve: 

*One specialty chosen book, they may be hardcover or soft depending on what the publisher offers

*One 9oz Handoured and designed spell candle by Anita Apothecary

*One 4oz Jar of hand blended tea 

*One Book Mark with Ribbon made from a Tarot or Oracle card (unlaminated)

*2-3 Altar and Ritual Tools to coordinate with the theme:

     Examples: Palm stones, Crystals, Smudges, Jewelry, Beauty products, Edible Products, dried herbs,                        resins, incense, Essential Oils etc


NOTE: I hand craft and assemble these boxes and only a certain number are available. If you recieve a book you already have, I cannot exchange or return it for you. You will need to regift it to a friend or find a way to use the second copy. 


Bookclub Boxes will ship via USPS. If you need your tracking number, please ask as they arent automatically uploaded through the website. 


Happy Reading Witches! 



The Witches Bookclub Box

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  • Boxes are handcrafted and assembed and therefore not returnable!

    Boxes are not vegan- while we do source materials responsibly and ethically, we do use honey and milk in some products.