~ Witch Smudge Bundle ~

⭐️These lovely smudge bundles are perfect for any witch or spiritualist seeking to cleanse their home, sacred space for ritual tools. The white California sage smudge wand measures between 3-4" in length, approx. 1" in diameter and comes with a piece of holy wood, Palo Santo, that smells divine. A large Selenite or Quartz crystal is also bundled up and finished with some wild flowers and ribbon. These little bundle are great for gifts as well, especially for new homes.

I've also included Smudging instructions printed on a heavy silver card stock for you to add to your Grimoire or just to keep handy.

Please email me if you have any questions.

Love and light~
Marie and little Anita

Sweet Little Smudge Kit ~ Selenite crystal, Palo santo

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