Moonstone Oil was inspired by my long time love for the stone...still my favorite today. If you are seeking a deeper connection with your own femininity and the Divine, anoint yourself, your ritual tools, candles and altar with this oil. A few drops in a bath will do wonders. ⭐️ Moonstone is a stone of magick. It is said to be deeply connected with La Luna, the Moon herself. It symbolizes and embraces all things feminine and woman. It holds sacred goddess energy. As a mother, I was looking to reconnect with myself and my own femininity after having my daughter and created this oil for that very purpose. As we move through the cycles from maiden, mother and crone, it is important to remember who we are and where we have come....and where we are headed. 🌒🌕🌘 I have added several herbs, some include: Moonstone crystals in the bottle, rice, fenugreek and poppyseed, and rose all specifically chosen for their magickal purposes as they relate to goddess energy. The rest of the ingredients shall remain secret as to protect my recipe. 🔮It has a beautiful floral aroma and would make a beautiful daily ritual perfume oil. I also make a beautiful soy candle to accompany this oil, see my other listing: Please convo me if you have any questions. 🙏🏼 Love and light~ Marie and little Anita

Moonstone Oil