Mercury in Retrograde Ritual Oil

I formulated this oil specifically for when Mercury is Retrograde. This oil is packed with herbs, essential oils and resins for the troubling times Mercury can cause when in Retrograde.

Stay aware of the four 2017 Mercury Retrograde cycles:
The first one ends January 8, 2017, at 1:43a (PT). Then:
April 9 at 4:15p to May 3, 9:33a
August 12 at 6:01p to September 5, 4:30a; and
December 2, 11:34p to the 22 at 5:51p.

Some ingredients include: Black Tourmaline crystal chips, cedar, licorice root, ginger, clove, frankincense and dragons blood. Many more ingredients are in it as well but the rest of the recipe shall remain secret.

This oil has many purposes, you can put a few drops in your bath, anoint your candles and altar tools, place around your home, inside and out, use when traveling.

Listing is for 1oz glass dropper bottle. Keep out of direct sun light to prolong the shelf life of this oil.

Please email me if you have any questions!

Love and light~
Marie and little Anita

Mercury Retrograde~Grounding Oil