Lunar Magick Ritual Oil Handcrafted specifically for Lunar Magick workings and Spellcraft The Full Moon~Release~The Full Moon is a time to release, let go, depart from that which no longer serves you. When the moon is full, the next cycle is to transform into the New Moon. During the Full Moon, use this oil to anoint your candles, yourself, your Ritual tools with the intention of release. The New Moon~Manifesting~The New Moon (also called the Dark Moon) is a time for growth, to bring forth, acquire and desire. The New Moon Oil contains ingredients that were selected based on their properties for manifesting and the Earth element. Made with all natural ingredients and essential oils, each oil contains elements found only in nature. Prepared by hand in small batches, it truly is a magickal creation. Each bottle contains 1/2 ounce of oil and will come as pictured. They will come nicely wrapped for you. They are available to be purchase separately or together. Much love from little Anita and Marie

Lunar Magick Ritual Oil