Traditional Hoodoo Hot Foot Powder

Hot Foot Powder is a potent, fiery powder used to drive away unwanted visitors, enemies or anyone you want to keep away from you. Place a pinch somewhere where the person will walk through the powder.

This traditional Hoodoo Hot Foot powder blend contains several ingredients, some of which include:
6 different types of Hot Peppers, Wasp Nest (collected from my home), Sea Salt, Black Pepper and a dash of Brimstone (Sulfur).

Use with Caution~Please understand that this powder is VERY strong and contains 6 different very hot peppers so be careful not to touch your face, eyes, etc. after using it. Also, this powder might make you sneeze!

Each bottle is a 1.2 ounce glass corked vial and should last you for quite awhile.

Please email me if you have questions.

Love and light~
Marie and little Anita

Hoodoo Hot Foot Powder