~ ~ GYPSY WITCH ~ ~ Perfume Oil ~ ~Spirit of the Gypsy

I have had a connection and fascination with the Gypsies since I was a little girl. They have their own long, magickal history and have been admired in stories for years for their secretive clairvoyant talents. Often depicted as free spirits, this is where my inspiration for this perfume oil arose. I wanted to create a scent that reminded me of a warm summer night, with a breeze blowing around a young and free Gypsy Spirit as she danced and connected with the earth and elements around her.

I have included herbs, essential oils and crystals that spoke to me, that corresponded with the Gypsy Spirit in all of us and provide assistance with Divination, clairvoyance, lucid dreams.

Labradorite, the stone of magick and Amber, a stone representing energy are in each bottle. Amber has long been associate with Gypsy culture as many would gather Amber after great storms from the Baltic Sea and fashion in to in magickal objects they could wear or trade.

Listing is for a 1/3 ounce Roll-On Bottle or 1 ounce glass dropper Boston Bottle.

Please email me if you have any questions~

In Love and Light...and Gypsy Spirit~
Marie and little Anita

Gypsy Witch Oil~Perfume Oil