Gypsy Magick Shimmering Body Wash~with Citrine Crystals This beautiful and shimmering body wash was made with essential oils of Bergamot, Orange among some others (but shall remain secret to protect my unique recipe) along with silver mica added, it’s like the starry night sky in a bottle! The shimmer is glowing, the scent soft and sweet, the consistency creamy. I have also added some of my homegrown and made Calendula Oil for skin healing properties. This body wash is not only amazing for dry skin but smells wonderful as well! 💕 I tested it out on several people before coming up with my final recipe making sure the scent wasn't overpowering but graceful and feminine. Each bottle is 8 oz, Amber plastic and re-useable! Always reuse or recycle when possible for Mother Earth🌱 to protect your label from water in the bath or shower, simply add a piece of clear Scotch packing tape over it. I have not done this as I wanted to leave it open to the individual persons preference. Please convo me if you have any questions~ Love and light~ Marie and little Anita

Gypsy Magick Shimmering Body Wash