⭐️ Pure Dragons Blood Oil 🌙

Dragons Blood resin is primarily used for Protection spellwork. It usually comes in a hard resin form and is burned on a charcoal disk. This dragons blood is powdered and carries the same beautiful scent. However, this oil is strictly Dragons Blood an no essential oils have been added as to keep it pure. Feel free to add your own essential oils if you wish.

The Dragons Blood Powder will settle and your bottle will need to be shaken for a minute before using to circulate the powder and oil. The carrier oil is Almond oil, which is incredible wonderful for skin. However, I don't recommend putting this particular oil on your skin as it is an incense.

Sprinkle a few drops around your home, the four corners, along doorways and windows, add a drop to your floor wash, use in your spellwork, adorn your candles, put a drop on the tires of your car, the uses are endless!

Listing is for a 1oz glass Dropper Bottle.

Please email me if you have any questions!

Love and light~
Marie and little Anita

Dragons Blood Oil~Protection