🌙 DIVINITY 🌹Moon Goddess Perfume Anita Apothecary's Signature Scent This beautiful, feminine oil was witch crafted to honor ourselves as women, as creators of new life, as nurtures. For each of us is Divine, powerful and magickal. This is a perfume oil to symbolize the Divine Feminine each of us holds as women. Created with special essential oils of the highest quality, giving this oil a sweet, intoxicating scent. It also carries in it several gemstones, each represents a feminine quality we all contain within ourselves and silver Mica for a light dusting of shimmer ~Amber~for the healers that we are ~Rose Quartz~for the love we have and give freely ~Garnet~for the strength and power within us ~Tigers Eye~for our courage ~Moonstone~the stone of La Luna, and Feminine by nature, representing our beauty and grace ~Labradorite~for the magick that each of us has and holds ~Copal Resin~for our youth, no matter what our age ~Silver Mica for a hint of shimmer~Moon Dust ~And lastly, Jasmine and Roses. Jasmine only blooms at night, a moon flower of pure beauty. Roses are a universal symbol of love and beauty. This is a special oil that has rested under the moon for 3 nights in a bowl of clear quartz crystals and blessed with incantations when being made~ ~Wear your oil on your heart chakra, temples, neck, wrists and anywhere else you wish~ Uses for your Divinity Oil: *Add a few drops to your bath water *Anoint your candles and altar tools during ritual when working with the Goddess and feminine energy *Apply your oil to your feet, wrists, neck and chest. *Place a few drops around your door to keep negativity away (be careful as oils can stain)*Use in a oil diffuser There are two options available, 1/2 oz dome top glass bottle or a 1 oz glass Boston Dropper Bottle. Please convo me if you have any questions! Love and light~ Marie and little Anita

Divinity~Moon Goddess Perfume Oil~