Banish~Witches Ritual Spellcraft Oil The practice of banishing in witchcraft is ancient~a way of protection. Banishing spellwork is commonly thought of as a darker version of Magick, but as every Witch knows, the intention in your heart and spirit is what matters most. You decide if it’s for you and you chose how to use your magick. In my personal practice, banishing that which suppresses my higher good is very important. Rid yourself of that which no longer serves you and no longer has a place in your life. It can be in many forms~but your truest intention is the most important ingredient above all. This oil is black as night~activated charcoal gives it the beautiful black hue. I have chosen to use Cinnamon essential oil as it has properties associated with banishing, protection and releasing negative energy. It also is associated with love. Banish the bad, bring in the good. Herbs that are known for their banishing properties have been selected~some are peppercorns, black salt and cloves. The rest of the recipe shall remain secret. Because of the black hue and cinnamon essential oil, I do not recommend using this oil on your skin. It could stain your clothing and cinnamon is very rich and can irritate your skin. However, use it on your tools, around your property, anywhere and any how you wish to banish. Each bottle contains 1/2 ounce of banishing oil and will come nicely wrapped for you. Love and light~ Marie and little Anita

Banish Witches Ritual Spell Oil