As Above~So Below As Within~So Without A very special candle to invoke the power of these words we use in our Craft. >>>Please be aware: This candle is a blend of Black Cypress and Cassis~it is very strong. If you do not like strong scents, this one might be too much for you. There is another meaning that goes along with the "as above" statement, and this deals with astrology. The movement of the planets and the position of the stars in the heavens do indeed reflect available energies that we can use or ignore. It is said that the stars do not compel, they impel, meaning that we have free will to use the available energy-or not. As Above, So Below also related to Craft terminology that includes the word invocation, raising power, and the cone of power. Each candle is 12.25oz and handmade~it will come gift wrapped for you in black tissue paper with a hemp bow. Please Convo me is you have any questions. Blessings~ Marie and little Anita

As Above-So Below Ritual Candle