Artemis~Goddess of the Hunt This oil is very dear to my heart and was an honor to create for the Goddess Artemis~The Great Huntress~Moon Goddess~Protector if Women and Children. Many Pagans and Witches identify and work closely with her as she is the protector of our home~the forest. Made with elements scared to her~Mugwort, Cedar, Pine, Moonstone and Labradorite crystals along with a very special and secret blend of essential oils. As a Moon Goddess, she is also associated with the color silver and therefore I have added silver Mica to honor this~it will not strain your skin but might leave a light shimmer. Artemis can be a stern and unforgiving Goddess, especially towards men. She can be merciless to any who offend her. She will also act quickly to protect and rescue those who call for her help. Artemis was invoked by women in labor and She is the protector of youth, especially of young girls. This oil has a very earthy scent~if you do not care for earth notes, you many choose to not wear this oil on your skin. Each bottle is .5 ounces Love and light~ Marie and little Anita