As an artist I am always looking to create things to help me focus and help my creative juices flow! I have made this beautiful Amethyst Oil for just that purpose! 💜 Made with Almond Oil, organic lavender, wildflower, organic hibiscus flower and plenty of amethyst stones.

With a sacred blend of magickal floral essential oils, giving it a beautiful scent to wear on your skin or place around your home, office or studio.

Some ways to use this oil are: by adding it to your bath water, massage on your pulse points or bottom of feet, anoint candles and Ritual altar tools or wear as a perfume oil.

Please email me with any questions. 🙏🏼All items sold as curios only

Love and light~
Marie and little Anita

Amethyst Oil~Mental Clarity~Creativeness, Goddess oil