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  • Anita Apothecary Return Policy
    Due to the nature of my items, all items are final sale. Please contact me if your shipment was damaged in transit. Photographs of damaged items may be required for a postal claim. If proper photo proof was provided to us, we will replace your items. Please do not throw out any items or packaging materials until we speak. Use the Contact Us form and please provide your contact and order information.
  • Shipping Policy
    All orders will ship via USPS with tracking. Order are shipped anywhere from 3-14 business days depending if items are made-to-order or if it is the holiday season. Contact me for international shipping inquiries.
  • Wholesale Inquires
    Wholesale items may be available, please email us your information and what you’d be interested in. Please note that candles are heavy and expensive to ship if you're not on the West Coast (where we are located) but it is do-able and may require shipping via FedEx or UPS.
  • Legal Disclaimer
    LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that my candles contain herbs, crystals and other matter inside and on top of them which can can fire when the candle is lit. Please be very cautious when lighting these candles and never leave them unattended, near a ceiling, wall or curtains, etc that can catch fire. If you purchase candles from our shop, you are acknowledging and agreeing that YOU WILL REMOVE all flammable materials on your candle and follow the instructions for wick trimming. ALL CANDLES ARE A FIRE HAZARD, decorated or not. Our candles are sold ONLY as decorations and curios. You can use a candle warmer to use your candle, or a hurricane jar (Google it to see what it is) for safer burning. Safer does not mean risk of fire or injury is diminished. By purchasing any item from our shop, you agree that you take FULL responsibility for yourself, others, children, pets, your home and belongings, and will not hold us liable for ANY and ALL damages that result from our products. You agree that you have read our shop policies, understand them in their entirety, and are 18 years of age or older. Anita Apothecary INC is not responsible for the misuse of candles or products. Do no ingest Ritual Oils and always consult a medical doctor before consuming any herbal supplements. Please know that by purchasing any item from my shop you agree to these understandings and hold harmless Anita Apothecary INC. ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD AS DECORATIONS AND CURIOS ONLY!
  • Art Theft/Copywrite
    A Message about art theft and stolen work from our shop: ••••• SUPPORT ORIGINALITY! ••••• We’ve grown our little shop from the bottom up over the last 7+ years, working extremely hard to create beautiful, original pieces you won’t find anywhere else. Please be mindful of those who do not uphold our values and flat out steal our original designs and concepts. Etsy is a place for artists and buyers to connect over what they love, ART and PASSION! But is also a platform where unethical people come to steal the hard work of others through “copying.” It’s actually a big problem! It may sound silly to address this here, but it is a growing issue many artists face. There’s not much small shops can do about please just be careful and know who you’re buying from and what energy you’re getting in return...are they a shop that promotes positivity and the highest good? Actions speak for themselves! We are happy to inspire others but we do not act as “mentors” or give permission to any other shops on or off Etsy or their owners to recreate our work- candles, oils, packaging, including “freebies”, use our label designs, our original poems or descriptions or photography style. Thank you for supporting our hard work and originality! Your support means we can continue to create and provide the spiritual community with tools and items to grow in their path. Copyright ©️ My creations are solely my own and all material is copywrited by Anita Apothecary. Photography is done in house, by Marie-the owner and creator. All photographs are copyright protected. Basic label design for some items from chocolaterabbitetsy. All label modifications by Anita Apothecary. My descriptions, designs, recipes, product names and titles, etc are under my intellectual property rights and are not to be used in any way without my expressed permission. I work hard to create unique and expertly crafted items. Please be aware that sadly there are shops (on and off Etsy) which have been using my exact product names, descriptions as well as my unique packaging design, even the freebies I send out. Authentic Anita Apothecary products are only sold on Etsy, Shopify and my website. ‼️ Due to a HIGH number of other shops opening this last year in 2020, I’ve seen using our trademarked and copyrighted descriptions, products, recipes, tags, titles, original concepts, etc I will be forced to legally take action through a DMCA legal report document and have a lawyer on retainer to handle matters. I take intellectual copyright extremely seriously and I will press charges! Be aware of who you buy from, there’s a lot of fakes and copycats of my work out there...Inspiration is wonderful but outright art theft and plagiarism is another that we do not tolerate‼️
  • Lets be friends!
    Connect with us! Please TAG us so we can see your items and see what you’re up too! • Facebook~ AnitaApothecary • Instagram~ @anitaapothecaryshop • Twitter~ @anitaapothecary • Patreon: Anita Apothecary • Tik Tok: Anita Apothecary • •
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