Our Story~

My name is Marie and I am a mother to a beautiful little girl, her name is Anita and she inspired me to bring my art and witch crafted goods to you all. When she was an infant (she is now 4), I would create my oils and incense and dream of the days when she could create with me, mother and daughter, side by side. This idea eventually led me to open an Etsy shop and now a website, named after her and in her honor, so that I could create my crafts and include her, even though she is still very young. 

I have been creating art and crafting my entire life, and hardly a day goes by where I don't create or work on something new. I cannot imagine my life without art...I would be a lost soul in this world!

I am inspired by the earth around me, my garden, ancient history and ancient myth and lore.


I am grateful to bring you Sacred Ritual Oils, Artisan Ritual Soy Candles, magickal crystal jewelry and accessories, handcrafted incense, beautiful and unique altar tools and other concoctions to serve you in your magickal workings.


All of my products are created solely by myself, with little Anita standing near by watching and learning. I work very hard to make sure everything I create is of the best quality and I truly put my heart and soul into everything. We hope you enjoy our products!


Love and Light from Marie and little Anita